Case study

Case study
My name is John, and I'm from Toronto, Canada. I started my business on eBay 5 years ago by selling small household items. One year later, I created my own web store using a free software called Prestashop. Last year, I opened my Amazon store.

When I started my business 5 years ago, managing the sales was not a big task for me. However, after my business was well established, I had more customers and opened more stores. To manage the stores, and to print shipping labels, took lots of my time. I ended up spending less time promoting my store.

I started to look for solutions but didn't find one that fit my needs.

Luckily, I have a close friend whose name is Mike. He is a software engineer with lots of interests on eBusiness. One day, he said, I would built one, to make your life easier. After months of hard working, he created https://www.emarketplaceservice,com, exactly what I had hoped for.

Here is the way I use e-marketplace services (EMS) to automate my workflow:

My customers are from all over the world. The majority of my customers are from the USA.

For orders from the USA, I ship by USPS (via Chitchats.)
For small Canadian orders, I use Canada Post stamps and drop them off at Canada Post's mailbox. For valuable items, I use Chitchats (they ship it by Canada Post's tracked service.)
For all other orders, it depends on the value of the goods. I either ship it by Chitchats' international non-tracked service, or DHL's e-Commerce (via Chitchats).

I first linked my eBay, Amazon, and own web store (Prestashop) in EMS. I only need to do this once. Once these sales channels are linked, you don't need to change them.

Then, I signed up for a account (, and a chitchats account ( .)

In EMS, I added the four following carriers:, EMS-Label only carrier, Chitchats Express and ChitChats Express V2.

EMS automatically fetchs the orders from all my stores and adds them to my e-marketplace services account. I have one single place to check all my orders, and it is very convenient. Not only for the orders, but the inventory items are also added to my EMS account.

Now, when I receive the orders from different channels, I can print the shipping labels right from my EMS account, and there is no need to go to different stores and copy and paste the shipping address.

If the destination is in Canada and item is small, I print the label by "EMS Label Only Carrier" so that I can affix a Canada Post stamp and drop it off in any Canada Post mailbox. If the item is big or valuable, I print the shipping label using carrier "Chitchats Express V2" in EMS. This way, I can just drop off my package at Chitchats and go.

If the destination is in the USA, I print the shipping label by "Stamps" carrier in EMS. The nice thing about EMS is that it will automatically submit the shipment data to chitchats (in this case, I used my own carrier, and just let ChitChats bring the item to the USA to be shipped by USPS.) So, I don't need to create a pending shipment in manually.

If the destination is international, I usually ship by DHL e-Commerce via Chitchats. Again, I print the label from the carrier "ChitChats Express" in EMS. If you are a Chitchats customer, you should know that for tracked international service, you will have to manually add the shipment information on in order for them to process it. With EMS, this is no longer the case. Once you select the tracked service you can print the label using "ChitChats Express" carrier, and EMS will automatically submit the shipment data to, again with no more manual copy and paste work!

Finally, once the shipping label is generated and printed, EMS will automatically update your sales channels to mark the order shipped, add tracking number, or even post feedback to eBay customers. No more manual work!

I have been using EMS for a couple of months now (since the internal beta to public beta), I am very satisfied. It saved me a lot of time in my routine work. Thus, I can focus more on my core business.

Remember, EMS is in beta stage, so don't be surprised if you see bugs. And if you do see bugs, it is important to let them know (click here to send them an email), so they can get it fixed. Email them if you want to add any new features.

Feel free to email me if you have some e-business questions (e.g. sell on multiple channels, etc) I will try my best to help you out.

Again, I would like to thank my friend Mike and his team, who built this site and let us use it for free.