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Simplify and streamline order processing for online sellers

Why EMS?

Order processing can be unnecessarily complicated and inefficient. We make it easy for online sellers to grow their businesses by eliminating those complications.

Sales channels integration

EMS integrated with popular sales channels and shopping cart softwares, such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Etsy, Prestashop and WooCommerce.

More integrations to come!

We are constantly adding support to more sales channels and shopping carts. If you don't see your sales channel or shopping cart software listed, please let us know we will be very happy to add it for you.

Popular shipping carriers integration

EMS integrated with eShipper and other popular shipping carriers to meet your shipping needs. Besides eShipper, EMS also supports EasyPost,, and Stallion Express.

We are adding more shipping carriers!

Have your own carrier shipping account? Don't worry, We are working on that. Stay tuned!

Automatically synchronize orders

EMS automatically synchronizes your sales orders. EMS has all your order details in order for you to complete your sales.

Print shipping labels from your browser

You can compare the shipping rates provided by your carriers, and print your shipping label from your browser. EMS also automatically uploads the track number to the sales channel, and completes the order for you.

Multi-channel inventory management

Sells in multiple channels? Afraid of overselling? We know how difficulty it is to manage your product inventory. EMS automatically synchronizes your product quantities across your sales channels, say good bye to overselling, and keep your sales account healthy!


Want to try EMS for Free?

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EMS Features

Sales channels integration

Allows you to connect your sales channels into EMS, so that your sales orders can be synchronize with EMS.

Shipping carrier integration

Connect your shipping carrier accounts with EMS, so that you can query and print shipping labels from EMS.

Order processing automation

Automatically synchronizes sales orders, and automatically uploads tracking numbers to the corresponding sales channels.

Inventory management

Automatically synchronizes product quantities across sales channels, never end up with overselling!

Canned reply

Tired of answering same questions over and over? Use our canned reply feature, you can reply your customer's message in just two clicks!

Sales statistics dashboard

Real time sales statistics by number of orders and revenue. The regional and state sales data helps you to perform targeted advertisements.

Batching printing

Spending too much time on printing individual shipping labels? Use our Batch Printing feature, prints hundreds of ship labels in one click!

Personalized shipping labels

Ship by letter mail using stamps? We have solution for you! Upload your store logo, you can have personalized shipping labels with your store logo printed!

Automatically save printing options

With our advanced shipping algorithms, EMS will automatically pre-populate shipping options the next time you ship the same product! Save time, earn money!

Schedule an online demo

Schedule an online demo to experience EMS. Talk to our experts and find out how EMS can help scale you business!

I'm very happy to say EMS literally solved the two biggest issues my online company was having; which was finding a way to sync our entire online inventory to multiple platforms and finding an easier way to do shipments.

Wendy - Operation manager at Glassware Depot

I've been using EMS for quite sometimes. It is easy to use, synchronizes with Shopify and eBay no problem, and the customer service is excellent. Will keep using EMS and would recommend it!

Steven - Manager at Nature Cosmetics

I've been using EMS for several months now and love the easy interface. Pulling quotes and shipping orders is easy and flexible.

Martin - Fine House Items

Pricing Plan

Choose the plan that works for you!



  • Print up to 50 labels
  • One store
  • One shipping carrier
  • No hidden fees
  • Community forum support


  • Print up to 1600 labels
  • Unlimited stores
  • Unlimited shipping carriers
  • No hidden fees
  • Email/Ticket support


  • Print up to 600 labels
  • Unlimited stores
  • Unlimited shipping carriers
  • No hidden fees
  • Email/Ticket support


  • Print up to 3200 labels
  • Unlimited stores
  • Unlimited shipping carriers
  • No hidden fees
  • Email/Ticket support


  • Print up to 7200 labels
  • Unlimited stores
  • Unlimited shipping carriers
  • No hidden fees
  • Email/Ticket support


  • Print unlimited number of labels
  • Unlimited stores
  • Unlimited shipping carriers
  • No hidden fees
  • Email/Ticket support

Add on features

Choose the add on features which meet your needs

Batch Printing


  • Print multiple shipping labels in one click
  • Specify service or use the cheapest service
  • Save time
  • Best for volume sellers
Inventory Synchronization


  • Keep inventory synchronized across multiple sales channels
  • Opens the door to multi-channel selling
  • Preventing overselling
  • Best for multi-channel sellers


  • Synchronizing customer messages
  • Reply to your customers directly from EMS
  • Support canned reply for fast reply
  • Available for eBay and PrestaShop

Our partners

  • amazon USA, Amazon Canada
  • ebay
  • eshipper
  • etsy
  • chitchats
  • stallion express
  • prestashop
  • shopify
  • woocommerce
  • easypost
  • Opencart
  • Canada Post
  • Magento Magento 2
  • bigcommerce
  • xcart
  • 3dcart
  • Newegg
  • Newegg Canada
  • Newegg Business
  • Bigcartel
  • Walmart Canada
  • Walmart USA
  • UPS

Customer testimonials

Read customer testimonials and find out why EMS is trusted by thousands of online retailers!

EMS solved the two biggest issues we have

We luckily stumbled upon E-Marketplace Services. They literally made shipping efficient and simple, while providing the option to sync our inventory to all three of our online stores.

By Samir Damani
Owner of Spotted Clothing

Two big thumbs up guys!

After using the E-Market Place Services for just a few days I reduced my fulfillment time by half and have avoided costly double shipping.

By Brian Lataille
Owne of Clearance Bull

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