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Why you create EMarkerplace Services?

Tristone Cloud Inc. has high interest in e-business. Besides creating websites and mobile apps, our goal at Tristone Cloud is to help our customers to automate their business workflow.

EMS is built exactly for it, to automate your ecommerce business workflow. Once you linked your sales channels and shipping provider accounts, you can manage all your orders and inventories in EMS. You no longer need to log into your sales channels account anymore. You spend less time on routine work, and spend more time on your core business.

What is the system requirement?

Any PC with a Chrome browser. We only tested EMS in Chrome.

Do I need to install browser plugins to print labels?

No. You do not need to install any browser plugins. As long as your printer works in your OS, then you can use it in EMS.

How to report bugs or ask new features?

EMS is still in beta, we really appreciate that you can report any bugs to us. We also welcome any suggestions and feature requests.  If you have any generic questions, please visit our community forum at, the questions you have may already been answered there, if not, feel free to ask there.  If you have any specific questions regarding to your account or have sensitive information that you do not want to disclose in the public forum, please open a support ticket in EMS. 

What is your privacy policy?

We take this very seriously. We will not sell or share your email address, telephone number, name, mailing address or any other personal and non-public information with anybody.  Read our privacy policy page.

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