EMS auto boxing and batch printing

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Learn how to use EMS' auto boxing and batch printing - print multiple labels in a few clicks

With EMS' auto boxing feature, EMS is able to automatically determine the best mailing box for your orders!  This comes handy when your order contains multiple items or quantities.  No need to think hard to figure which mailing box to use, let EMS figure this out for you.

You first define a list of mailing boxes you wish to use for your orders, then define each product's dimensions.  (EMS saves the product information, you only need to edit it once, either by importing a CSV file, or the first time you ship that product).

Then, every time you visit order list page, or order details page, if you have mailing boxes defined, and if EMS knows the product dimensions of the order items, EMS will automatically figure out the best mailing box to use for your order.  The best mean, the smallest mailing box which can fit all your order items.

See it in action below:

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