How to add shipping service filters to hide unwanted shipping services

By E-Marketplace Services, on

shipping service filter

There are cases that you would like to disable certain shipping services for orders from a specific channel.  For example, Amazon has a list of approved carriers, Amazon sellers are required to ship the orders using the approved carriers.  Otherwise seller's VTR (Valid Tracking Rate) will be impacted.

In EMS, you can use shipping service filters to remove these not approved service from the query results so that you won't make any mistake to ship orders using un-approved carrier.

Follow the following steps to use the shipping service filter.

1. Go to My stores page.
2. Move mouse cursor on the hamburger icon of the store you would like to add the filter, and click on Shipping service filter
3. First, select either inclusive or exclusive.  If you select Inclusive, which mean any shipping services match the filter will be displayed.  If you select exclusive, then any services match the filter will be excluded from the query results.
3. Add the filter.  Filters are case insensitive. Multiple filters can be separated by comma (,). Use * to match any characters. E.g. Filter *express* matches all shipping services contains express. Filter *ground matches all shipping services ends with ground. To combine both filters, use *express*,*ground.
4. Click Save.
5. The filters will be applied to all orders received from the corresponding store.