How to use EMS shipping cart for background printing

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Generating shipping labels in background

If you have lots of orders to ship, generating and printing shipping labels one by one may take while.  Our background printing service can help you to speed up the process.

Before we talk about background printing, we first need to talk about EMS' background shipping rates querying service.

In order to query the shipping rates of an order, EMS must know the package dimensions and weight.  In EMS, you can define product's dimensions and weight in Products page.  If you have a set of shipping boxes to use for your orders, you can define the mailing boxes in EMS (my profiles page).  Once you have these defined, EMS is able to automatically find out the smallest mailing box that fits the products of the order.

When an order is synced from your sales channel, and if all products in the order have dimensions and weight defined, and you have defined a set of mailing boxes to use for shipping, then EMS is able to automatically query the shipping rates for the order without user inputs.  This is the background shipping rates querying service.  The available shipping service and their rates are displayed in order list page or order details page.

If background shipping rates querying service provides rates for the orders, you can review these rates on order list page, select the check box next to the order, once you are satisfied with the selection, scroll down to the bottom of the page, click on Ship Order button, and select 'Asynchronously' on the dialog 'How do you want the label to be generated?'.  This way, the selected orders are submitted to the 'background printing service', so that you can continue to work on the interface without waiting for the labels to return.

The orders that are added to the 'background printing service' are available in 'shipping cart' page, you can access the 'shipping cart' page by clicking the printer icon on the top right corner of every page in EMS.  Once you are in 'shipping cart' page you can select all the orders and print labels instantly.

If you have not defined product dimensions or weight, or you would like to process each order individually, you can still use 'background printing service' to save time.  Once you are in the order details page, fill in the package dimensions and weight, run the query, select the desired service, then click 'Add to queue' button, this will add the order to 'background printing service', and you can continue to work on other orders without waiting for each shipping label to be generated.  Once you are done, visit 'shipping cart' page to print all the labels in one click.

In summary, you can use EMS 'background printing service' to generate shipping labels in background, and print all generated labels in one batch.