Ship now print label - ship orders anywhere you want

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User EMS' Ship Now Print Later feature, you can have your orders 'virtually' shipped anytime anywhere

Do you want to generate tracking numbers for your orders  and upload tracking number to your stores as soon as possible?  EMS' Ship Now Print Later feature is built just for this purpose.  This feature allows you to virtually ship any orders anytime anywhere you want (even from your mobile phone).  Once this feature is turned on, you can go to orders page to create shipping labels.  After the labels are generated, EMS will upload the tracking numbers to the stores, so your customers will receive the tracking numbers immediately, even though you have not physically ship the orders.

You can then print the shipping labels and physically ship your orders when you are ready.

This feature is only available to paid customer (Advanced plan or above).

1. Go to My profile -> preferences page, turn on "Ship now print later" feature

2. On orders page or order details page, you will see buttons to create shipping labels.  Click any of them to create the shipping label.  After a label is created, the order status will be changed to LABEL_GENERATED so that it reminds you that you have not physically shipped the order yet.  Just click "Cancel" button if you are present a dialog to print the label.

3. When you are ready, go to orders page or order details page, you can print the generated label and physically ship the orders.

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